the coolest summer

 the coolest summer

Our country has a great geographical diversity, but a vast part of it is warm and dry. When summer begins, almost all regions of Iran get warm. But despite these conditions, many cities and villages in Iran are still cool and balanced destinations for a summer trip. The cities of west and northwest of Iran are located in mountainous regions and therefore, even in the summer, they have cool weather. This also includes the city of Rasht, because it is not far from Ardebil. Ardebil, Tabriz, Urmia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah and Khorram Abad are your main choices. If you go to Ardebil from Rasht in the summer, you can experience several different climates within a short distance.

A trip to Sareen

Mazandaran province itself is one of the greenest parts of Iran, but in the summer, because of its proximity to the sea, its weather is slightly sultry and moist. A trip to Sareen in the province of Ardebil, the neighboring province of Gilan, is probably one of your best summer trips. Sareen is known worldwide due to therapeutic natural hot water springs. The choices for summer trips are not as limited as you think. The nature of the regions of northwest of Iran is fantastic, beautiful and spectacular. In fact, in winter all the regions are cold and the Zagros Mountains are full of snow. In the spring, this pristine nature gets birth and the snow melts little by little. In the summer, water and life have penetrated into the depth of the soil and re-energized nature. Everywhere is green and hundreds of rivers and waterfalls in the regions are more roaring than ever.

go to Tabriz

If you are really looking for a very cool destination, go to Tabriz. While other cities in Iran are so hot in summer, Tabriz has a spring weather, even in Mordad. You should not travel to Tabriz without visiting Aras Baran forests. There are several historic castles in this forest. Do not miss the rocky village of Kandovan with a special architectural style of the houses. If you go to Kandovan, you can get one of the best honey in Iran. Two provinces of Kurdistan and Kermanshah are more


western destinations. These two provinces have almost the same nature, but as you go from Kurdistan to Kermanshah, the greenery gets bigger due to going to the foothills. The most greenery can be seen in Lorestan, especially in the city of Khorram Abad. Watching oak forests and beautiful mountainous nature in Kurdistan can be the only reason for a trip. But, the more important attraction is the customs and culture of the people of Kurdistan. Kurdish people have their own freshness. The colorful clothes of men and women in this region are very spectacular. Old mansions such as mosques, houses and baths are the main attractions of the city. Visiting Oraman should be in your plan of traveling to Kurdistan. The architecture of this village is amazing. In Oraman, houses are built in an overlapping style. A similar architecture can be seen in Masouleh village in northern Iran. Zarivaar Lake, BAL waterfall, Karaftu cave and Chehel Cheshmeh should be visited one by one.


What’s more spectacular than a lilac-filled mirage? If you would like to see this scenery, go to Kermanshah in the summer. In addition to the hospitality of the people of Kermanshah and the tasty roasting ribs, the nature of Kermanshah is one of the most unique dreamy destinations for nature lovers. You can see history in the heart of stones in Kermanshah. Petroglyph of Tagh-e-Bostan Park have been decorated with carvings of coronation scenes of Khosrow Parviz, Ardeshir II, Shahpoor II and III. A little far from Kermanshah, you arrive at Bisotun. The inscription and relief of Darius recorded on the UNESCO World list are located in this region. Sarab Sahneh in Kermanshah also attracts many tourists every year due to the temperate nature and the numerous springs. If you like caving, go to the tourist section of Quri Qala cave. Another part of this cave is allocated exclusively to professional cavers with equipment. In summer, the heat does not bother you in all parts of Iran. Even on the sidelines of the main cities, you can find villages like a single detached paradise. We wish you an exciting trip this summer.

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بدلیل گذشت 15 دقیقه از زمان آخرین بروز رسانی باید جستجوی خود را تکرار نمایید.

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1. در مرورگر سافاری در نوار پایین همین صفحه این دکمه را فشار دهید :

2.در منو باز شده ردیف پایین را به سمت چپ بکشید (در iOS13 به سمت بالا بکشید) و این دکمه را فشار دهید :

3. در بالای صفحه این دکمه را فشار دهید :

4. پس از بستن مرورگر، آیکون اپلیکیشن به گوشی شما اضافه شده و آماده استفاده میباشد.

1.في أسفل متصفح Safari ، انقر فوق :

2.في القائمة المنبثقة ، اسحب الصف السفلي إلى اليسار (iOS13 اسحب إلى أعلى) واضغط على هذا الزر:

3. في الجزء العلوي من الشاشة ، اضغط على هذا الزر:

4. بعد إغلاق المتصفح ، أيقونة التطبيق على الهاتف لقد أضفت وجاهزة للاستخدام.

1. In the toolbar on the bottom of the Safari browser, click on :

2. Select the :

3. In the next step, in the top right corner, click on :

4. A shortcut of the app will appear on your home screen, and the app is ready to use.