Isfahan Tourism Attractions

Introduction to Isfahan Iran

A large part of Iran’s history has been concentrated in Isfahan and that’s why Isfahan is ranked second place of tourist attraction after Mashhad. Sightseeing of Isfahan are amazing and mysterious. Structures such as bridge, mosque, palace, church and old houses are tourist attractions of traveling to Isfahan, most of which are related to the Safavid era. Many foreign tourists know Iran with the name of Isfahan and have been already familiar with this city and its attractions.

Seven historical monuments in Isfahan have been registered globally and 1779 works of it have been registered nationally. According to these figures, a detailed visit to Isfahan may take a few weeks, but we will help you to thoroughly plan for a comprehensive visit.

Naqsh-e Jahan square

The most beautiful urban square built in Iran is Naqsh-e Jahan square. It has been registered at the UNESCO World Heritage Site. By visiting this square, you will kill several birds with one stone; because there are four ancient works in this square. Imam mosque, Sheikh lotfollah mosque, Gheysarieh bazaar and the famous historical mansion of Ali Qapu are placed in this list.

Chehel Sotun

The architecture of the square itself and its four monuments will surprise you. In a short distance from Naqsh-e Jahan square, the royal garden of Chehel Sotun is located. The architecture of this garden dates back to the Safavid era and is the combination of the principles of Chinese, Iranian and European architecture.Chehel Sotun palace actually has 20 pillars, but its reflection in the pond water facing the mansion, has been its etymology. The beauty and delicacy of this palace will make you delightful. If you are planning to visit Naqsh-e Jahan, set your schedule to go to restaurants around the square to taste their delicious food.

Place Si-o-se-pol, Khaju Bridge, Hasht Behesht Mansion, Chahe Haj Mirza Café, Vank Cathedral, Bedkhem Church, Menar Jonban and Fire Temple in your list. Each of these works are unique and in fact, the most prominent works of Isfahan that attracts more tourists. Visiting Isfahan is not limited to the city’s spectacular centers. The counties of the province are worth seeing.

Underground Noushabad city of Isfahan Iran

In north of Isfahan, near the city of Aran and Bidgol, there is an underground city that belongs to the Sassanid era. To visit this work, you must go to Kashan’s Noosh Abad city. This underground city is very amazing and the largest one discovered in Iran. The condensed structure of this city is highly regarded by architects. The depth of the city varies from 4 to 16 meters with an area of 4 km. According to existing hypotheses and the architecture of Ouee, this city has been built to take refuge and store food when the enemy invaded

Interestingly, the city is multi-storey and vertical wells have been built to connect the floors. This city was used as shelter during the Mongol invasion, but according to discovered earthenware, it is more than 1800 years old. Ouee is still unknown to many people. The pleasure of watching the stars.

Moranjab desert, Egypt and Farahzad

in the clean and endless sky of the desert at night and walking on soft and warm sand can encourage anyone to visit the desert for a few days. Three regions of Maranjab, Egypt and Farahzad are more known to the people and have attractive caravanserais. Astrological and astronomical groups come to this area to observe the sky from all parts of Iran. In addition to the attractions of the desert and its palm trees, Garmeh village has a historic and spectacular castle. This is your choice to go to each of these deserts. The important thing is that the risk of being lost in desert is very high, so to visit this place, ask the leader for help. One of the least dangerous access routes to the central desert of Iran is the access road to Matin Abad camp, 25 km from Natanz.

The city of Isfahan and its surrounding villages and towns have some beauties that can encourage you to get ready for a trip. The peak of trips to Isfahan is on New Year’s holiday. In Khordad, you will not have much trouble traveling to Isfahan; due to the geographical location of Isfahan and its placement in the desert, the weather will get warmer in the summer, so it’s too late to start your journey.



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